Government Medical College, Chandrapur

Govt. Medical College T B Hospital Campus, Ramnagar, Chandrapur(M.H) , Maharashtra, Chandrapur, Pincode : 442402

Welcome To Government Medical College Chandrapur?

This is only medical college in Gondwana University affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Science Nashik. This college is completely funded by Government of Maharashtra. The college is under Director of Medical Education and Research Mumbai (DMER).
Due to increase in industrialization in this area the health problems in this region has increased and to provide better health care in this area as earliest Govt. Medical College Chandrapur has been established in this region in the year 2015.
This Govt. Medical College Chandrapur was started in the year 2015. This city lies on major state highways MH MSH 6, MH MSH 9 and state highways MH SH 233, MH SH 243 and MH SH 264at the confluence of the rivers Erai and Zarpat.
The college is affiliated to MUHS, Nashik. First batch of 100 MBBS students was admitted in July 2015.Admission are made through CET / NEET (85% from state CET and 15% from All India PMT).
The college was started in the premises of T.B Hospital (100 beds). Chandrapur Civil Hospital (100 beds) and T.B Hospital run by public health department of Maharashtra too were merged. The premises of Govt. Medical College is belong to women’s college Chandrapur.
We have 50 acre of land for new hospital and college buildings were constructed with latest OT design, latest infrastructure and all the latest facilities.
The opening of this college in Chandrapur have a very perfect moto that is Chandrapur district is an industrial district. There is lot of industries like Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station, BILT,ACC, Ambuja, Manikgarh etc. that effects on public health, and various health problem arises. To recover such problems and give fast and quality treatment with latest facility and equipment, MCI permission was granted in year 2015.

History Of Chandrapur?

According to tradition and legend the name of the place was 'Lokapura' which was first changed to ' Indpur' and subsequently to Chandrapur. During the British colonial period it was called Chanda district, which was again changed to its original name 'Chandrapur ' around 1964. Other places of the region in ancient times include wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda. Hindu and Buddhist kings are said to have ruled the area for a long time, Later on Gonds overtook Dana Chiefs who ruled Chandrapur around 9 th century and Gond Kings ruled the area till 1751 after which Maratha period started. Raghuji Bhosale, the last King of the dynasty, died heirless in 1853 and Nagpur province together with Chandrapur was declared annexed to British Empire.
In 1854, Chandrapur formed an independent district and in 1874, it comprised three tehsils: Viz Mul, Warora and Bramhpuri. In 1874, however, upper Godavai district of Madras was abolished and four tehsils were added to Chandrapur to form one tehsil with Sironcha as its headquarters. In 1895, the headquarters of one tehsil transferred to MUl to Chandrapur. A new tehsil with headquarter at Gadchoroli was created in 1905 by transfer of zamindari estates from Bramhpuri and Chandrapur tehsil. An small zamindari tract from Chandrapur district as transferred to newly from districts in 1907. In the same year and area of about 1560 km2. comprising three divisions of the lower Sironcha tehsil namely Cherla, Albak nad Nugir were transferred to Madras State.
No major changes occurred in the boundaries of the district or its tehsils between 1911-1955. Consequent upon reorganization of the states in 1956, the district was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to Bombay state. In the same Rajura tehsil, a part of Adilabad district of Hydrabad state, was transferred to Nanded district subsequently it was transferred to Chandrapur district in 1959. the district became part of the Maharashtra since its creation in May 1960. For administrative convenience and industrial and agricultural development, this district was again divided into Chandrapur and Gadchiroli district after 1981 census. Chandrapur district now comprises the tehsil of Chandrapur, Bhadravati, Warora, Chimur, Nagbhir, Bramhapuri, Sindhewahi, Mul, Gondpipri, Pomburna, Saoli, Rajura, Korpana, Jivati and Balharshah.
After India's independence in 1947, the former Central Provinces became the new Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. No major changes occurred in the boundaries of the district or its tehsils between 1911–1955. The Indian states were reorganised along linguistic lines in 1956, and the largely Marathi-speaking Chandrapur District was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to became part of Bombay State.Bombay State was renamed maharashtra in 1960.

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