Guru Gorakshnath Institute of Medical Sciences

Sonbarsa, Balapar Maniram, Gorakhpur-273007, Uttar Pradesh India, Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur, Pincode : 273007

Lists of Courses:

Courses Course Fee
Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery.(BAMS) 1092000 /-
Bachelor Of Pharmacy 1250000 /-
Diploma Of Pharmacy (D. Pharma) 450000 /-

About Us

Welcome to the College


With the grace and blessings of Shiva Avatar Mahayogi Guru Gorakshanath Ji and With the loving inspiration and blessings of Sant Shiromani Goraksha Peethadheeshwar Param Pujya Brahmalin Mahant Avaidyanath Ji Maharaj, who had a dream resolution towards the betterment of education, the present Peethadheeshwar of Gorakshapeeth and the successful Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Param Pujya Yogi Adityanath ji Maharaj has established Guru Shri Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur by developing Mahant Digvijaynath Ayurveda Hospital with the superhuman efforts and resolve, This institute has all the medical facilities in a multi-dimensional Ayurveda centered natural environment.
Like the foundation stone in the said institute, the purpose of the institute established with the spirit of selfless human service with pure conscience is to strive for continuous service for all mankind and to provide a healthy life.
In Guru Shree Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur, the basic structure of the traditional system of Ayurveda has been developed on refined and ideal standards. Every effort has been made to establish all the eight forms of Ashtangahridayam as eight departments mentioned in Ayurveda. In which Kayachikitsa, Kaumabhritya, Graha (virology), Urdhvaang (Salakya Tantra), Shalya, Drashta (Toxicology), Jara (Chemistry), are available in form of Vajikaran department.

समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातु मलक्रियाः।
प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थः इत्यभिधीयते ।।
samdoshah samagrisch samadhaatu malakriyah.
Prasannatmendriyamana swasthah ityabhidheeyate.

If all the Doshas of the body, all the Agni are balanced and the excretory activities of the body including the seven dhatu are in the right senses and the mind along with the body are happy, that person is said to be completely healthy.

purpose of ayurveda

‘‘Prayojanam chaasya swasthasya swasthyarakshanmaturasya vikaar pramanam cha.’’
For overall health, the concept of keeping the soul, mind and senses happy and completely healthy has been given in Ayurveda. Which covers the treatment of all diseases while completely covering physical and mental diseases.
Guru Gorakshanath Institute Of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur (U.P.) is fully functional with proficient physicians with contemporary global facilities like Panchakarma and Kshar Sutra, Kshar Karma, Agni Karma, Jalauka Karma with the aim of providing medical facilities without side effects and practical cost based medical facilities to the human society through traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine.
The above medical institute being established as a symbol of fast-moving results, serving as a pillar of hope and faith, a determined institution is always ready for complete health protection for all mankind including the regional public, Guru Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa , Balapar is located in Gorakhpur (U.P.).
OPD of Ayurveda Pharmacology (Kayachikitsa) in the hospital. and detailed I.P.D. systematically established.
Adequate arrangements have been made including OPD and I.P.D. for intensive medical treatment of or Pediatric
The Guru Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur (U.P.) is well-versed for intensive treatment including planetary therapy (Bhoot Vidya) for all kinds of diseases caused by microorganisms.
OPD and I.P.D. is available for Shalakya Tantra which includes nasal, eye diseases, ear, mouth diseases.
OPD for surgery And a fully equipped surgical room has been developed.
Well equipped IPD with world class equipment for contingency service has been established.
Efforts have been made to make the existence of the hospital more relevant by developing the Forest Medicine Garden and Drug Manufacturing Unit affiliated to Guru Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur (U.P.).
Incorporating spirituality including Ayurveda Yoga, Panchakarma medical system has been given a special place in Guru Gorakshanath Institute of Medical Sciences, Arogyadham, Sonbarsa, Balapar, Gorakhpur (U.P.).


  • Medical consultation of patients in the hospital under the supervision of experts of various departments like
    • Department of Physiotherapy and Psychiatry
    • Department of Shaalaaky
    • Department of Surgery
    • Department of Panchakarma
    • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
    • Department of Svasthyavritt
    • Department of Vajikaran
    • Department of Pediatrics
    • Aatyaayik Rog (Emergency) Department
  • Operation theater with ultra-modern facilities for Kshar Sutra and Kshar Karma therapy.
  • The following Panchakarma therapy facilities are available for Panchakarma therapy with the help of ultra-modern Panchakarma instruments and equipment.
  • 24 X 7 Facility of Pharmacy
  • General and private ward equipped for admitting the patient
  • 24 X 7 Ambulance Facility


  • Abhyang
  • Swaden – Patrapind Swed, Baluka Swed, Pashthik Shali Pind Swed, Dry Swed
  • Vaman
  • Virechan
  • Basti - Anuvasan and Niroh and Lekhan Basti, Pichha Basti, Kshar Basti, Vaitaran Basti
  • Nasya
  • Shirodhara
  • Shirobasti
  • Tarpan
  • Karnapooran and Karnapichu
  • Putpak
  • Ashchyotana
  • Pindi
  • Vidalak
  • Senk
  • Sarvagdhara
  • Pijinchchhil
  • Udvartan

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