Students who want to pursue an MBBS should consider Russia. Students are drawn to it because of its prosperity and standard of living. In Russia, the program lasts 5.8 years. For students who want to study abroad, the MBBS program in Russia is thought to be the best choice. The benefit of receiving a top-notch education at a reasonable price is why it is regarded as the best choice. MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and other organizations recognize Russian medical universities. Because of the Russian service and the caliber of students who are admitted to MBBS programs in Russia, students are eager to enroll there. The chance to study medicine in Russia is excellent for the students. The top 30 universities in the ranking are all Russian institutions.

Many college students have the aspiration of enrolling in prestigious institutions and becoming specialists within 5.8 years of beginning their studies. For their medical studies, students from all over the world enroll in Russian MBBS programs. All over the world, graduates from Russia are employed in clinical fields. These particular factors entice students to a nation like Russia. The students greatly benefit from their time spent serving and learning in Russia, which aids in their successful careers. A common place for students to study MBBS in Russia. Other nations besides Russia include China, Nepal, Germany, the Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan. These nations also offer students reasonably priced course options. Even though the course lasts 5.8 years, foreign students who choose to study in Russia are not required to take a year-long preparatory course.

More Information About MBBS In Russia


NMC and WHO approved


50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Aggregate

Course Duration

6 Years


Yes, compulsory


Not Required

Medium of Teaching


About MBBS In Russia

It is simple to pursue an MBBS in Russia because there is no entrance exam to take. Additionally, the Russian government offers subsidies for education, keeping the cost low. When necessary, students can obtain medical care and insurance. Both English and Russian are used to teach MBBS. To facilitate communication with patients in the area, they also teach the students Russian. Russia's medical universities offer cutting-edge instruction and employ sophisticated, efficient methods for student development.

When we compare the climatic conditions of Russia and India, we find that Russia's climate is very different from India's. Given its location in arid terrain, the area enjoys a moderate climate that is pleasant for residents of Russia. Depending on the geographic region, the country has very different climates. While summer and autumn temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius, the average winter temperature remains at -20 degrees Celsius. In Russia, there is a heating system in every home. to make it comfortable for people to stay inside.

Why Study MBBS In Russia 2023-24?

The best universities in the world include Russian medical schools. They have top-notch medical facilities, a degree that is recognized around the world, furnished housing, an Indian mess, advanced and reasonably priced education, and so on. Universities in Russia are the most inventive. Furthermore, the majority of universities offer fee schedules that are subsidized. The most significant cost for various types of organizations is the requirement for clinical training.

A record number of Indian students want to study abroad. Today's world has changed to place a high value on selecting the right college for studies that produce the highest returns on investments (ROI), opportunities for global recognition, and, above all, a comprehensive curriculum. The main attraction is Russia's low cost of living and reasonable MBBS tuition, which attracts international students seeking to study medicine there. Scholarships are an option for students as well. The average MBBS tuition ranges from 2.5 to 5 lakhs. Another advantage for students is that they can practice wherever they want once their studies are done.

Russia provides top-notch medical education and practical knowledge for students, which is very useful. Also, students get good accommodations and quality food on the campus itself. Every year, Russia is welcoming over 200,000 foreign students from across the globe to study in the top medical colleges in Russia. It includes students who have opportunities to study in destinations like the US and the UK but opt for Russia. Because of its state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-depth research expertise in medicine.

The major reason to choose Russia is

  • The quality of education they provide.
  • Very affordable and advanced learning.
  • Russian degree is globally recognized; therefore, students can practice wherever they wish to.
  • The course is recognized by MCI.
  • Students get good and furnished accommodation inside the campus itself.
  • The students who are from India feel at home because of the Indian mess the universities provide.
  • The subsidy is 70% for the MBBS coursesin Russian Universities. The average MBBS fee is between 2.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per year.
  • MCI Screening Test is provided by most Russian universities. Graduates show excellent results in the FMGE exam as a result and land in the best hospitals and industries worldwide.
  • Technically Equipped Learning- Russia is known for its advanced medical universities.
  • Many Specialization Courses- Russian universities provide an ample number of courses for students to choose from and specialize in.
  • MBBS in Russia provides Goal-Oriented Learning.
  • Faculties are highly skilled.
  • Russia uses the latest teaching methods and technology.
  • Russia has a proper Indian Hostel and Indian Food (Veg & Non-Veg) which is easily available.
  • The warden for boys and girls is separate and has complete security.
  • The campus is ragging-free.
  • Traveling in Russia is comparatively cheap.
  • Over 1000 students study at top medical colleges in Russia.

MBBS In Russia For Indian Students

Choosing MBBS in Russia is the best option for students. The language test or entrance exam is not required for admission to major. The profession opens the door for students who want to explore Russia. There are over 4000 students who study in 20 colleges in India. Compared to Western nations, the sponsorships are relatively high. The tuition fee is comparatively much less than other countries. The students don't need to attempt any examination for admission; therefore, the admission process is extremely simple. The IELTS language proficiency test is also not required. The curriculum of Russia is like the one in India. Thus, students can return to India for their higher studies anytime.

Studying MBBS in Russia is a 6-year degree offered as a specialist bachelor's degree in Medicine. It's growing as an alternative option for students who are dreaming of being doctors but could not secure admission to a good Indian medical college. Over 53 Russian universities offer an MBBS degree which is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and it allows the students to finish their MBBS abroad and practice in India.

According to MCI rules, students who want to study MBBS abroad must have to qualify for the NEET exams of Russian colleges. But the students must have at least an aggregate of 50% (in PCB) or more in their CBSE/ISC 12th results. The tuition fees in popular universities range between 193,000 to 874,000 Russian Rubles. It differs from Indian fees. It is between 1.8 lakhs to 8.5 lakhs a year. For legally practicing in India the Graduates have to go through the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). Now, because of covid-19, all the classes are conducted online. But if the students are going to Russia, they could work part-time as well. Russia is rising from the ladder of their study in the medical field.

In Russia, MD is the same as MBBS in India. The only difference is in nomenclature. The Medical Council of India is known that MD in Russia is a bachelor-level degree program. After completion of MBBS in Russia, students will get a license to practice in India.

The bachelor's degrees in the universities in Russia are only awarded in nursing. If one wants to become a practitioner, a specialist degree is required, which is lasting for 5.8 years. After that specialization, residency is required that lasts for an additional 2 to 4 years.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Russia

  • There is no need for an entrance exam and no donation.
  • The admission procedure is simple.
  • The fee is very low and subsidized and affordable compared to other countries. It is between 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs for a year. More than this, the cost of living is economical.
  • The degree has worldwide acceptance.
  • It has a European standard of living.
  • Indian mess is available.
  • There is an Excellent Result in MCI Screening Test: the students studying MBBS in Russia get trained for MCI Screening Test, and they get to practice in India at no additional cost
  • The Reference Available of Students Working in Hospitals Across the World.
  • There is a 100% Guarantee for a visa.
  • Universities are Government Universities of Russia
  • Students get the opportunity to get Dual Diplomas: The students have signed the Bologna declaration so that the students who want to study medicine MBBS in Russia get dual diplomas through their joint program with other universities in foreign countries.
  • It will be Easy for International Students to Adapt: Russia is home to people who speak over 100 different languages. Russia attracts students from all over the globe. The students who choose to study MBBS in Russia get a diverse taste and a multicultural environment
  • The course in Russia is Advanced and Comfortable: Russia is standing with top Western universities in terms of their advanced equipment, scientific centers, and high-quality of their study facilities. More than this, Russian Universities offer very low-cost accommodation.
  • Russia has a Top-notch infrastructure: Russian universities are providing students with modern equipment and with top facilities.
  • Russia offers Scholarship Opportunities: Russia provides several free tuition opportunities and scholarships to students from abroad who wish to study MBBS.
  • The course can study in English: Study medicine in Russia is a good option for Indian students because most universities use English to teach.

Cost of Study For MBBS In Russia 2023-24

The Low-cost MBBS in Russia fees, and affordable living costs, attract more and more Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. Russia is a very demanding destination for students to study MBBS. The Russian government has subsidized the fee structure that makes the course very cheap. Pursuing MBBS from Russia is considered easy compared to other countries. The study cost is very affordable. Universities in Russia offer a smooth platform to international students, so they don't have to pay the high tuition fees. Other than this, there is no donation. The cost to complete a six-year MBBS is budget friendly for students.

Food and Accommodation Cost

The food charges are also included in the hostel fees. 2-3 beds are provided for students in a sharing room. For foreign students in Russian medical Universities accommodation facilities are provided. The university hostels provide all the facilities like beds, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, tables, cupboards, etc. There will be a common kitchen and washing machine rooms for students. Students can use the kitchen to cook Indian food. Also, there are messes available that provide Indian foods too. There were Indian restaurants which are within walking distance from some universities. To experience a cultural variety of food, there are native cuisines and all other countries' dishes available.

Living Cost

Living cost is also comparatively low, considering other countries. Life in Russia is comfortable for all expenses such as groceries and other bills being very fair even in major cities like Moscow. Outside the major metropolitan areas, prices are cheaper, with low bills for food and transportation. Staying in a hostel is better for students because it includes the food cost as well. Therefore, the students won't have to spend extra money. Also, the students could do part-time jobs in their free time.

Traveling Cost

Students can use public transport at a cheap rate. For metro tickets, you have to spend 26 -36 dollars per month. Regardless, the length of tickets for buses, tramps, and trolleys cost 17 ruble per trip. Compared to higher education institutions in the US or the UK, Russian universities are comparatively very affordable. In a country like Russia, the distances are Enormous, the transportation is not as much expensive. There are several forms of transportation available in Russia, from regular buses to private taxis, students can find these kinds of public transport in Russia. In major cities of the country, from airport terminals, express trains are operated.

Here are some universities in Russia that offer MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programs:

  1. Saratov State Medical University
  2. Perm State Medical University
  3. Siberian State Medical University
  4. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)
  5. Bashkir State Medical UniversityLomonosov Moscow State University
  6. St. Petersburg State Medical University
  7. I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  8. Kazan Federal University
  9. Novosibirsk State Medical University
  10. Russian National Research Medical University
  11. Rostov State Medical University

Admission Procedure For Russia MBBS College

The MBBS admission in Russia process is comparatively very simple. The Russian Medical Colleges do not need Indian students to pass any entrance exam for admission in Russia but few Russian universities prefer to take assessment tests to verify student profile and qualification. The Admissions are based on the marks scored by the students in their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination. Candidates must have to fulfill the admission guidelines of the Russian Medical University and NEET-UGeligibility by the National Medical Commission of India.

There are three stages for the admission procedure in MBBS Russia:-

First Stage
Check the official website of the college and fill out the online form, then pay an introductory documentation fee. Send the scanned copy of the 10th and 12th certificates and school endorsement and different archives through email.

Students need to Visit or call the offices/representatives for free counseling regarding admission. The students will be informed about the medical universities in Russia, the eligibility criteria, fee structure, the admission procedure, and the facilitation fees of Education Consultants. The students and parents need to understand all the information about Universities before deciding to choose Russia.

Second Stage
You will be informed about different undergrad courses. You need to handle the remaining fee only. There will be an advisor for you until the classes start.

Third Stage
After completing the first stage, you will get a confirmation letter within 4 to 15 working days. For an additional process, the college will send you a greeting letter. Now the greeting cycle will begin. The affirmation letter is given by MBBS College in Russia.

Students can take direct admission to Russia Universities via Admission Expert for MBBS Russia, Admission Expert is the Best Consultancy in Patna.

Required Documents For MBBS In Russia

  • There must be a Duly filled-in Admission form.
  • Scanned copy of Class 12th Pass Certificate.
  • A scanned copy of the Class 10th Pass Certificate.
  • NEET exam Result/Admit Card is a must.
    The national Eligibility cum Entrance Test is common for all those taking admission to medicine; it is necessary for pursuing MBBS abroad.
  • 6 Passport size-colored photographs of students on a white background (4.5 cm /3.5 cm).
  • Students must have a scanned copy of their Passport (first and last page).
  • ID Proof (Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving License, etc.) if Passport is not ready at the time of application, any of the id card is a must.
    The Russian universities offer outstanding services to students from abroad, thus they can enroll with no difficulties. After this, students can save a minimum amount of money while pursuing the MBBS from Russia.

MBBS In Russia Eligibility

  • The student must have a complete age of 17 years by 31st December of the admission year.
  • The student must secure 50% marks in their 12th standard in Science stream (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in CBSE / ISC or other Equivalent Board of Examination.
  • Student must qualify the NEET exam

Scholarship Offered For MBBS In Russia

There are many students who aspire to get admission for MBBS in Russia. Scholarships are available for students to overcome their financial burden. That is a golden opportunity for the students. The Scholarships available are:

The Government Of Russian Federation Scholarships

State level scholarship that is available for students who want to study in Russia. It will cover their tuition fees, accommodation costs along with the maintenance allowance. So that students need not worry about the costs.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships

This can apply to students who are opting to study a foreign language like Russian. The Russian medical colleges offer educational grants for international student who aims to pursue their medical courses. All Students who have good marks in their academics can apply for the scholarships that will cover the cost of studying for the course.

SRAS (The School Of Russian And Asian Studies)

This is available especially for US candidates. There are many educational institutions offering medical courses that provide scholarships for international students. The Students can also apply for the non-governmental Russian scholarships, and university-specific scholarships are available to the international. Studying in Russia is easy and affordable for all students. Students from across the world can take direct admission and they need not to appear for an entrance exam. Also, the fee is very low in Russia because the government offers subsidies.

MBBS In Russia Vs MBBS In India

MBBS In Russia

MBBS In India

The fee structure in Russia is INR 2 to INR 4 lakhs per annum.

The fee structure in Indian Government college: INR 40000 to INR 2 Lacs per annum. In Private college: INR 10 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs per annum.

Studying in Russia is cheap and flexible because Russian government provides the subsidy.

In India, it is expensive.

In Russia, the duration of course is 5.8 years.

In India, the course duration is 5 years.

One batch of students in Russia is 25 to 30

One batch of students in India is about 100 to 120 or more.

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